Gray is probably my favorite neutral to incorporate into wedding invitations these days.  To me, it maintains a level of formality and sophistication, but is softer and more mailable than it’s cousin black.  With so many shades ranging from a subtle basic gray, to a deep charcoal, to the purplish, bluish, brownish variations, there seems to be a gray for everyone and every style.

We’ve also discovered some amazing new gray papers that are available in a range of weights (including the thick stuff!).  These are perfect for incorporating a traditional style with a modern edge.  Here are a few recent projects we’ve been working on that explore the many shades of gray that are available.

Y 1 Gray2 Y 2 Gray2-2 Y 3 Gray2-4 Y 4 Gray2-8 Y 5 Gray-7 Y 6 Gray-6 Y 7 Gray-10 Y 8 Gray-11 Y 91 Gray-15